Niche Site Ideas was started by yours truly, Pete Cruise (aka “Coconut Pete”) from my desire to find the perfect system for finding profitable website ideas as efficiently as possible.

I noticed many tutorials, articles and blog courses usually gloss over this important topic and leave out important details.  This is a shame.

If you pick the wrong niche, you could end up burnt out and frustrated after spending months building up a site.

The purpose of this blog is to help you maximize your chances of success by helping you find the best niche ideas that match your personality, passions, interests and have the greatest chance for profit at the same time.

There are no guarantees as the Internet is constantly evolving.  But, with my advice, tips and techniques I hope to take the guesswork out of this important step of your journey.

Articles on how to find the perfect niche for you, keywords, databases and more will be added as time goes on…

If for some reason you are still stuck and need help with your niche, feel free to contact us and I’ll do my best to help.


“Coconut” Pete Cruise