Quick Side Hustle: Sell Copies of February 6, 2020 issue of Washington Post: Trump Acquitted

If you’re looking for a quick and easy side hustle, be on the lookout for today’s issue of the Washington Post.

It is the 02/06/2020 issue (February 6, 2020)

Currently they are selling on eBay for around $20 – $25.

If you can find them at a newsstand, book store or other retailer, the single copy retail price is $2.50 I believe.

Currently they still have back issue copies available for purchase on the Washington Post official web site, but tough to say how long you will be able to resell for a profit.  It is likely you could use an earlier “Trump Impeached”  headline copy from the past as an accurate gauge and those are selling for around $10 – $20 a copy.

Your best bet will be if you can grab copies at the newsstand to maximize your profits.

Great thing about this side hustle is the newspaper should be relatively inexpensive to ship, and since made of paper, unlikely to get damaged if shipped properly.

So get out there and start hunting.  They will likely be snapped up quickly, so if you’re reading this, you probably need to look RIGHT NOW.

Here is an example screenshot of what they are selling for on eBay: