Selling TikTok Jelly Candy for Fun and Profit (Golosinas de Labores)

Recently, I decided to join TikTok to see what all the hype was about (especially after hearing about it over and over from Gary Vaynerchuk).  Despite various security warnings that have been mentioned in the media, downloaded the app and created an account.

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Sometime after I got settled in, I found a video by @jadensprinz which shows him biting into what is now referred to as a Jelly Candy playing a game called “Hit or Miss”.  He also has real vampire teeth which makes his videos more intriguing.  I think he is the one who started the trend and perhaps even the Hit or Miss game.

The significance of watching this first video didn’t initially register until I saw another similar video and noticed it had become a phenomenon on TikTok with other creators making similar videos.

Once I saw  how popular this candy had become, I had to dig a little further.

First I checked YouTube, and then eBay.  My jaw dropped and about fell out of my chair when I saw how much the candies were selling for.

As of this writing, here is a sample screenshot of some recently sold auctions.  Most are selling for at least $20 or more each with multiple bids.

Yes, this is one hot selling product!

(New Update: I’ve looked all over town and everywhere online, and in this article I give you all of the secret places to find the elusive jelly candies: “Where to Find TikTok Jelly Candy“)

TikTok Jelly Candy

But, wait, there’s more.  Typically, you can buy a bag of these candies for only 99 cents retail!

If you’re lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time with connections to distributors, you can probably get them even cheaper.  I truly envy those individuals!

In theory, you could buy 50 bags for $50 and sell them for $1000 or more total.  Almost pure profit.

There’s a catch though.  Now that this fad is hot, the candies are very difficult to find.  And to make matters worse, word is quickly spreading about how much they are selling for on eBay.

With eBay, you have to get in very quickly and by the time the market heats up like this it is likely too late to get in.  Unless you happen to stumble across a store that hasn’t heard about how popular these are.

I searched all over town and have not been able to find a single bag yet.  I’ve found similar looking candies, but haven’t found the real/authentic ones yet.

So, you may be wondering which candies are the authentic ones that everyone wants?  Where can I buy them?

From my research here is what I have uncovered…

The most sought after jelly candy  you want to look for looks like this bag below:

Take a close look at this bag.  (Don’t forget to bookmark this article so you know what to look for when you are out hunting).

What Are Jelly Candies Called?

This particular product is from a company called Din-Don.  It’s called The Original Fruity’s Snacks and has “Golosinas de Labores” printed on the packaging which translates to “flavored candies” in English.  This bag of jelly snacks has 8 pieces.

Not many have mentioned this, but you can eat these chilled or frozen.  I have yet to see anyone freeze one yet.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what they look like when you open the bag.  The best way to show you is with this video on  YouTube:

The outside shell of these are actually made of plastic.  At first I thought they might be some kind of edible membrane, but that’s not the case.  When you see people biting on them, they are essentially biting into a hollow piece of plastic filled with a liquid/jelly candy substance.  As we mentioned earlier with the Hit or Miss game, the object is to bite on one of these and the candy will either shoot in your mouth (a hit) or shoot all over your phone, on the floor, elsewhere (a miss).

There are other brands that seem to be selling just as well, but for historical purposes, the above mentioned brand seems to be the original, authentic one.

Other brand names include Ju-C, Dely Gely, Mini Fruititas and more.

Jelly Candy Ingredients

According to the label, jelly candy is made of water, sugar, seaweed extract, citric acid, sodium citrate, artificial flavors, fd&c yellow, red & blue.

Where Can You Buy TikTok Jelly Candy?

The original place these were obtained from is the 99 Cent Only Stores, where these can be bought for 99 cents – if you are lucky enough to find them.  It’s tough to say how the popularity will impact availability.  I wouldn’t be surprised if various stores may tried to hoard them for themselves until the price calms down, or perhaps store employees will hoard them.  Maybe they will be nice and use it as a way to draw people into the store?  Part of me wonders if this whole thing was in fact hatched by the store in the first place.  If so, it was a diabolically genius plan that worked!

If you don’t live near a 99 Cent Only store, try other dollar stores such as Dollar General, Dollar Tree, etc.  Depending on what area of the country you live, you may have better luck if you shop in neighborhoods with a higher Hispanic population.

Still no luck finding them?  Check your local authentic Mexican, Asian grocery stores to maximize your odds.  I went to one earlier tonight and I missed the boat by a couple days.  They were already aware of the demand, but couldn’t quite tell why yet – so this is good news.

You may also try your luck with some official distributors such as Din Don Foods.  Or is it Dindon?  Anyway.

Important Note Before Buying to Resell

Be sure to check the expiration date before you buy these with the intent to resell.  On eBay, they require the expiration date to be indicated.  You won’t want to sell expired food on eBay.  So if you buy a bunch of these with an old expiration date you may have a harder time reselling.


This fad is a rare and perfect example of capitalizing on a hot trend as quickly as possible.  It may be that a week from me posting this article that the market is completely saturated and these things are everywhere.  Within a month I wouldn’t be surprised if you can find them at Wal-Mart, quick stops and probably even yard sales.  Hopefully they’ll have a longer life span than that, but be prepared for this bubble to collapse and plateau.  Just about everything I’ve ever sold on eBay will have an initial rare feeding frenzy stage, followed by competition driving the price down and then market saturation.

If you want to make money at this side hustle, you need to get out there now and find these bad boys and sell them quickly.  Wash, rinse & repeat.

If you have any other questions or need help finding TikTok Jelly Candy, feel free to contact me and I can try to help out or add more information to this article on the next update.  Good luck!

Update (January 15, 2020) The creator of this fad, Jaden Sprinz has posted a mini documentary on how the Jelly Fruit Candy trend took off.  He is also giving away a few bags in this video, so leave a comment for a chance to win: