Where to Find TikTok Jelly Candy

If you haven’t heard yet, one of the hottest trends going on right now is known as the TikTok Jelly Candy craze, originally started by a guy on Tik Tok named Jaden Sprinz.  For the record, Jaden is officially going in my book of geniuses next to Million Dollar Homepage creator Alex Tew.

New! TikTok Jelly Fruit Candy now available here!

For everyone else, you already know all about this candy, but simply cannot find it anywhere.  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Personally, I cannot remember a product in such high demand and impossible to find.  But if you are willing to put out a 100% effort, this article will help you save time and frustration finding them locally and online.

I’ve spent almost a solid week looking all over town, and will tell you the best stores to shop in order to maximize your chances of success.  You may want to find these so you can make your own viral videos or perhaps hope to find some to resell on eBay.  Whatever your motive, keep reading and you’ll find the current best secrets.

The Easiest Way to Get TikTok Jelly Fruit Candy

As of this writing, the easiest place to get them is to simply buy them on eBay.  This is about the only place you can find them online (and have them shipped to  you within days).  There are some other places online you can buy them, and I’ll list those sources as well.

Important note before you buy on eBay: Right now there are a LOT of auctions that are pre-orders meaning you won’t get your order until around March.  Some sellers are being sneaky about this and not making it obvious enough.  Be sure to read the auction title and description to make sure.  Even if you buy a pre-order, I would take a look at the sellers feedback first as there are some shady ones out there.

I recently won an auction and a couple days later got a cancellation notice and refund as the seller claimed their shipment was damaged.  They had some recent negative feedback, so am doubtful they really had any in stock to begin with.

What is the Official Brand to Search For?

There are several different brands out there, but only one official brand that was used that started the trend.  The official brand is from Din Don Foods in Azusa, California, USA.  I spoke to a representative at the company and they are swamped, so if you try contacting them it may take awhile for them to get back to you.

Below is a photo of what it looks like.

Official name: The Original Fruity’s Snacks

Other keywords:  Jelly Bites, Golosinas De Sabores, Ju-C Jelly Delicacy’s.

Flavors include: Strawberry, Orange, Apple, Pineapple and Grape.

So when you search on eBay, you will notice this brand is the highest priced.  I’ve seen some auctions with a price of thousands of dollars, although I suspect many of those have fake bids.

Other Brands of Jelly Candy

Mama Lycha

If you don’t want to pay a premium for the official brand, there are some other names you can search for.  The next popular one is from a company called Mama Lycha based out of Houston, Texas.  They may be having inventory shortages as well.  The great thing about this brand is there are 25 jelly fruits per bag.  Below is a sample of what it looks like:

Name: Fruti-Licious Gels

Currently I’ve seen these selling for around $30 on eBay.

UPC Code: 763441003688


Another brand you may have seen is from Dely-Gely.  They are the same type of candy, but packaged in an orange colored plastic net.  These also have 25 jelly fruits per bag.

Name and keywords on label: Dely-Gely (with 5 different superhero cartoons), Fruit Flavored Squeezable Jellies.

Right now they are showing out of stock on their official site, but they do have a note that says they will be available on January 24, 2020.  I believe this company is located in Guatemala, so not sure how the shipping works.


If you have some expertise in importing and exporting, you can also find the coveted jelly candies on Alibaba.  But, it’s not as easy as you may think to obtain them.  You may need a decent amount of money to buy a large enough quantity as most factories in China will have a minimum purchase quantity – such as 500 cases for example.

I use to believe that ordering on Alibaba was a simple process, but you may experience communication difficulty due to language barriers.  I contacted several companies and got responses with most, but haven’t made much progress yet.  I have heard some employees may be on vacation due to the Chinese New Year which would make sense because it is on January 25, 2020!  Ok, now I understand 😁

The cool thing about Alibaba, is there are many exotic shapes other than the standard fruit shape.  They have dinosaurs, snakes, elephants, robots, ducks, turtles, bears and more.

I did a lot of searching, so here are some links in case you want to try your luck importing:

Chaozhou Zhuangkang Food Co., Ltd. Animal Shaped Jellies

Shantou Jiaxiang Plastic Making Factory – Here is the likely birthplace of all jelly candies.  Here you can buy empty containers!  Ultra Rare!  I suppose one could buy these and make their own home made snacks.  I think all you would need to do is fill them up and seal off the end with heat.

There are many other companies on Alibaba, so just keep searching.  I found at least ten different ones.

Comblanc Ecuador

Comblanc Ecuador – Animal, snake shapes and traditional.

Fruix – Another brand I’ve seen, but not as often from Mazuma Trading Company in Laredo, TX and Chicago, IL.  You may have the best luck with this company, but tough to say with current demand.  They have the traditional fruit shapes under the name of “Jelly Squeeze Drink” as well as Jellies of the Sea.  They also carry the soft shelled Crazy Fruits.

Where is TikTok Jelly Candy Manufactured?

After much searching, I personally believe most of these candies are made in China.  At first I thought they were made in Mexico, but I think they are actually manufactured in China by various factories, then sent to some of the above companies to distribute.  The reason is they all seem to have the same design, just different packaging.

How to Find Tik Tok Jelly Candy in Your Hometown

99 Cent Only Stores

When the fad first started, originally people were buying them in 99 Cent Only stores.  They are located in California, Nevada, Arizona and Texas.  You can find a store near you with their store locator map.  It doesn’t hurt to look, but everyone knows about the candies at this point so they may be hard to find here.  I have heard there are even people that wait in line outside the store before they open to try to find them.

Other Discount/Dollar Stores

Other chains to look for include Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar and more.  Don’t forget the obvious by searching Wal-Mart, although highly unlikely.  Your best bet is to visit stores in neighborhoods that have a larger Hispanic population.

Mexican Grocery Stores: The #1 Best Place to Find Jelly Fruits!

The absolute best place to search in the real world is to visit every one of your local, authentic Mexican grocery stores.  Check on Google Maps for Mexican Grocery Store to find one near you.  Also search for Guatemalan stores in your area.

Look for very colorful aisles full of candy that will look something like this:

Asian Grocery Stores

Since most of these originate from China, it only makes sense to search at your nearest Asian market/grocery store.


I hope these tips will increase your chances of finding perhaps the most sought after candy in world history.  Right now the demand is extremely hard so they may be difficult to find, but not impossible.  Keep persevering and maybe you’ll strike gold.

If you find stores that look like they carry them but have nothing in stock you can always ask the manager if they might be able to order some for you.  If you do so, I’d try to be low key about it so the store doesn’t try to hoard them all for themselves.

Keep this paged bookmarked and if you have any tips, tricks you would like to add or need help finding them, feel free to contact me and I’ll try to help.  Good luck!