How to Find Hot Selling Products to Sell on Etsy

If you are good at making crafts or other handmade products, you should consider selling on Etsy as a potential side hustle.  You can easily start in your spare time and possibly build up a store that becomes a full time operation – if you can come up with unique ideas for things to sell. … Read more

Where to Find TikTok Jelly Candy

If you haven’t heard yet, one of the hottest trends going on right now is known as the TikTok Jelly Candy craze, originally started by a guy on Tik Tok named Jaden Sprinz.  For the record, Jaden is officially going in my book of geniuses next to Million Dollar Homepage creator Alex Tew. New! TikTok … Read more

Selling TikTok Jelly Candy for Fun and Profit (Golosinas de Labores)

Recently, I decided to join TikTok to see what all the hype was about (especially after hearing about it over and over from Gary Vaynerchuk).  Despite various security warnings that have been mentioned in the media, downloaded the app and created an account. (Make money searching for TikTok Jelly Fruit Candy by becoming a DoorDash … Read more

The Hero’s Journal Brings in over $15,000 in Sales

The Hero’s Journal is a successful self publishing side hustle created by founder Nick Vitellaro and his friend Kyle.  This venture was inspired by the problem many people face – especially after New Year’s resolutions are made every year: Setting goals, but going nowhere with them. After much research and trial and error, Nick & … Read more